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Hosting a Scotch Tasting Party

I’ve recently been taking my scotch drinking more seriously.  I’ve always had an interest but was able to really taste some amazing scotches at the last agency I worked for (a small group started the ‘scotch Friday’ tradition..a tradition I kept up even after I left :). As with most behaviors, it’s always easier to […]

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Why I have only one Christmas decoration.

It seems apropos that I wrote this on the first day of real snow. I have only one decoration up this year. It’s one more than I’ve had for the last two years. It’s a wreath of magnolia flowers, handmade by @cindiloowho; isn’t it beautiful? (it is a gift from my bosses at, they […]

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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or by how organized the kitchen is.

Whenever I visit someone’s home I usually get the “Please excuse the mess” spiel. I’m sure everyone has heard it and even said it to someone at some time (me included). My typical response is, “Yeah, I actually don’t want to be friends with you. That’s the kind of person I am. I judge you […]

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How to make the perfect caesar

You either love caesars or you hate them. I love that a caesar is practically a meal, or at least a tasty snack. They’re a great cocktail to tide you over until a meal and not pig out on appetizers. This also means that you can customize the flavour to your liking. As you can […]

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Why Food is So Important to Me (bonus recipe: Chicken Wing Dip)

Food has always been an important part of my upbringing. Dinner time as a family was a MUST. I remember coming home late and sweaty from basketball practice, only to go straight to the dinner table where everything was ready and waiting. If you missed dinner time you had to have a very good reason. […]

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Home Renovations: Thinking of getting new floors?

I mentioned before that we’re been living without floors for almost a year. We had issues with Rona and Home Depot, trying to find the right contractors. Such a big job needs to be done right. A co-workers of James’ recommended the website ‘HomeStars‘, which is basically an online community of contractors for different things. […]

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