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by Zoe on March 7, 2012 · 3 comments

I know my blog is the best blog around….(okay, you can stop laughing) but I want to share a few others that I really enjoy reading. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just check out the photo of my feed reader, but these are some of my staples, broken down by category.


Elana’s pantry: This is a new find for me and a staple for recipes. Her focus is on gluten free or paleo diets and it’s where I found plentiful and easy recipes like Paleo breadSilver Dollar Pancakes,  and Roasted Chicken with Olives and Prunes.


Get Rich Slowly: Though it’s American (so sometimes the retirement and housing advice doesn’t really make sense) overall there is realistic advice on budgeting and money. I love that much of the advice is ACTIONABLE, not just vague statements such as “don’t spend more than you make”. There is also a good mix of personal stories from the different writers.

Mr. Money Mustache: I can’t recall how I stumbled on this one but this guy is funny and has good advice. I lurked back a few posts and found I was continually emailing them to myself for safe keeping. He actually responds on Twitter, so for me, that’s a bonus. Plus, he’s got the word “mustache” in his blog title…we all know how I feel about mustaches :)


A Smart Bear: He has a comic for nearly every post, c’mon, that’s a win right there! His insight is geared towards those who are interested in starting their own business but most of it is sage advice for any career.

Penelope Trunk (Brazen Careerist): The best trait about Penelope is her honesty. Every post is so matter-of-fact and written with conviction that I find myself agreeing with almost everything she writes (I might be totally enamored). Seriously though, even when I don’t necessarily agree with what she writes, I understand her opinion and where she is coming from. I wish I had this talent and I would say she has influenced my writing and critical thinking the most.  I like that she posts sporadically, I get excited when I see “1 unread post” in my feedreader. If you can’t tell, this is my absolute most fave blog to read.


BodyRock.TV: If you follow me on any social network you know how much I love BodyRock.TV. It’s a personal trainer, for free! They give you daily motivation and intense workouts you can do at home. The hosts are super friendly and uber sexy – the entire site is unlike a typical workout site. I give big kudos to Freddy, who is behind the camera – he has quite the eye for photos and cinematography. Some people find it too sexy but I think it’s amazing. My body thinks it’s amazing too.

Social Media

Copyblogger: Need inspiration or an idea for writing? Want to take your writing to the next level? Feel like being entertained? This is the blog for you. Copyblogger has solved grammar questions, writer’s block, and content issues. Anyone starting out in social media (or veterans hitting a roadblock) needs to read this blog (or maybe even hire them!).

Dream Grow: Most social media blogs are really pie in the sky, theoretical blogs. Or the titles are misleading – you think you are going to get actionable ideas but you just end up with fluff. Dream Grow, has the best titles because you know exactly what you are going to read – “You Want a Successful Blog? Read this!“, or “Here You’ll Find Great Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages Examples“. This is especially helpful when you headline surf – I know if I see one of their headlines that interests me, I can click on it and my expectations will be met.

Fun facts (or just fun):

FYI Living: If you click on any of my links in my recent posts you’ll often end up on this blog. They write about interesting research, like “Pop the Cork: Champagne’s Secret Health Benefits” or “Self-Regulation & “The Marshmallow Study

Passive Aggressive Notes: People send in notes that people post to complain about stuff rather than face any type of confrontation. Some of the notes are passive, some are polite, most are just plan aggressive. They are all funny.


What blogs do you read on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments, I love exploring new websites!

  • Penelope Trunk

    Thanks so much for the shoutout, Zoe. And, your list reminds me that I should read Copyblogger more often. I learn a ton every time I go there. 


  • http://www.zoeSocial.com/ zoeSocial

    It’s a well-deserved shout out. You first really caught my attention when you spoke as the keynote at the PRSA conference in Detroit in 2007 (might have been 2008).

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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