Commoncraft in Plain English

by Zoe on June 30, 2008 · 27 comments

I love the folks at Commoncraft and their quirky ability to make the most complex things seems so simple. Forget the days of trying to explain a blog to my grandmother; I just whip out my laptop and point her to the Commoncraft show.

However, I noticed that many times when I mentioned Commoncraft the most common response was, “What’s a commoncraft?”

Well, with all the wonderful videos that they have provided us, I decided to answer that question and make a video that explains what the heck ‘a commoncraft’ is.

When you are done watching the video make sure to head over to their site and see what they have in store for you.

  • arthur

    awesome video, zoe.

  • collin

    I’m giddy.

    This is so meta!

    I love that you did this Zoe! They should hire you :-)

    Maybe I should do a “Plain English” on you doing a “Plain English” on common craft doing “Plain English”… in Dutch of course.


  • Colin Carmichael

    Totally frickin’ awesome. Brilliant.

  • Barbara Nixon

    Love it! I use CommonCraft videos in my classes quite often, and this may be a way to introduce my students to CommonCraft before I show the first one in the fall.

  • Zoe

    Thanks all for the awesome comments and for visiting!

    Collin – you could always do a “dutch: in plain english” video. not sur ehow that would work tho…

    Barbara – I would be honoured to have my shown in a classroom.

  • Adele McAlear

    Zoë you did an amazing job! Really well done. Commoncraft should use this on their services page to explain what they do. This deserves some viral love in social media circles. OK, that just sounded very wrong.

  • Kim Dushinski

    Very, very fun and cool! Good job.

  • Mykl Roventine

    Brilliant idea. Very well done!

  • Chris Clarke

    I bet the people at common craft are loving this. So smart, Zoe. Nicely done, too!

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  • Lee LeFever

    There are hearts flying over our heads right now. :) Thanks so much for doing this Zoe! Cheers!

  • maggiefox

    Zoe – this is absolutely hilarious! I was going to send it to you, Lee – but I see you already found it.

    Very cool!

  • http://n/a Frank Gulla


    Clever and funny. What on homage! LeFever has posted this URL on Twitter for all to see. I wonder who will get mor hits now?

    Wondeful job and I will be back to visit here again.


  • Zoe

    Again, thank you so much for such warm compliments, everyone!

    Adele – thanks for the link back. ‘viral love’ has such a different meaning nowadays? (or does it?) LOL

    Chris – I’m still looking to make it to a Thirsty Thursday for a video shoot :) I’ll use real people instead of badly drawn cut outs…okay?

    Lee – one word. Phew. glad you like it and i always like to make hearts fly from people’s heads. you’re pretty good at it too :) (wait…that was more than one word)

    Maggie – i know you’re always game for a laugh

    Frank – ah….what every blogger wants to hear – that their readers are returning. I look forward to having future convos with you, here and on twitter!

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  • Martha Garvey

    What a delightful valentine. A great explanation of some great explainers.

  • david silver

    hee hee, excellent!

  • Shey

    That was awesome!

  • Sia Stewart

    That was brilliant!

  • Zoe

    Thanks so much guys; your kind words really mean a lot!


  • James Cooper

    Great work, Zoe.

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  • wizardhat

    You rock Zoe!

  • wizardhat

    You rock Zoe!

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